I manage to turn everything into crap wow

yes that’s called digestion

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There will always be someone in your life at some point that will turn everything upside down - Your stomach, your life, and your heart. This person may not promise to truly fulfill their purpose and love you back, in most cases they don’t. They will tear you up, you will cry, you will writhe in pain and you’ll drive yourself crazy, but you will survive. The saddest part of all this, is that person may go away, and they may still exist in your life in some manner, but those feelings will never leave your side, you’ll still tremble, you’ll still sink in your stomach at the thought of them loving others, and you will let them rule a part of your heart. If you’re lucky enough to have them love you back, then you treasure them like a diamond, if you weren’t lucky, like most of them, love them. Love them with everything you have in you, but love yourself enough to walk away when it gets too little to live on. They came into your life, and they turned that shit inside out, now it’s time to mend the seams and flip back over. I will love that someone till the day I die, but I’ll also love someone else, and be loved back, because after all, that’s what I’m destined for.
― D.A. (2014)

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